Season 3 Episode 39

The Fourth Official

It has to be one of the worst jobs in football.
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Episode Notes

It has to be one of the worst jobs in football.

The lucky few are fortunate enough to be called by their first name. The majority are just known as “fourth”. One or two, spelt out in reports submitted to the Football Association, are called c***s.

Either way, the job description should come with a warning that you are pretty much guaranteed to spend an hour and a half being harangued for decisions which almost always have nothing to do with you. Welcome to the life of a fourth official.


  1. Buffer: something or someone that helps protect from harm
    ”The fourth official acts as a buffer for the referee.”

  2. Lenient: not as severe or strong in punishment or judgment as would be expected
    ”The referee was lenient towards Jurgen Klopp.”

  3. Berate: to criticize or speak in an angry manner to someone
    ”If you berate the 4th official, you run the risk of getting a red card.”

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