Season 1 Episode 40


AR has changed offside — and many people think it’s become worse. Why are people complaining, and what are the solutions?
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Episode Notes

Since the introduction of VAR, teams have been left to lament what might have been if their striker's foot was one size smaller; if the ball had been played half a second sooner. Goals have been allowed and disallowed, sometimes seemingly at random, with referees in booths drawing lines on a screen, often taking minutes to come up with a decision.

The immediate joy of scoring a goal has been replaced by "let's wait for VAR..." It feels like the thrill of football has been removed, so how can we get it back? What is the solution to this offside mess?


Controversial Dispute, debate or contention - “that was a controversial decision.”

Automated/Automatic Automated is the verb; automatic the noun Starting, operating, moving etc independently- “the car wash is automated.”

Determine To choose; to make a decision - “The IOC will determine whether the Olympics will go ahead.”

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