Season 1 Episode 22


Last week, Shimizu S-Pulse announced their slogan for the 2021 season and it caused a bit of a stir on social media!
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Episode Notes

Shimizu S Pulse announced their new slogan for season 2021 and the reaction on social media has been fierce to say the least.

The club explained the meaning behind the slogan on their website: “no matter how big the wall is, supporters and the club will work together to break it down.”

The official definition of the word “PENETRATE” is “to go through something”, however, the word is often used as sexual innuendo. I’m sure you can guess what that means!

As such, reaction from English-speaking J.League fans on Twitter was rough, with some going as far as to say they should rip it up and start again.

Many others have questioned: how on earth did they end up here?

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