Season 3 Episode 28

Welcome to Wrexham

Welcome to the world of football ownership, where anything can happen and the stakes are high.
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Episode Notes

Welcome to the world of football ownership, where anything can happen and the stakes are high. If you're looking for a story to get you hooked, you need to check out Welcome to Wrexham, the documentary series that follows Hollywood legends Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they take over the Welsh football club and set out to make it a success on and off the pitch.

Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just love a good underdog story, Welcome to Wrexham is a fantastic series, joining Ryan, Rob and the town of Wrexham as they set out to make football magic in Wales.


  1. Takeover: an act of taking control of something:
    ”Manchester United are subject to a takeover bid by two potential groups.”

  2. Authentic: being what it is claimed to be; genuine
    ”Fans appreciate authentic soccer players who display a genuine passion for the game and are not just motivated by money or fame.”

  3. Heartwarming: causing feelings of pleasure and happiness
    ”Watching him come back from injury to score a goal was a heartwarming moment.”


Tommy - 00:00
Welcome to the world of football ownership, where anything can happen and the stakes are high. If you're looking for a story to get you hooked, you need to check out. Welcome To Rexam, the documentary series that follows Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they take over the Welsh football club and set out to make it a success on and off the pitch. Whether you're a diehard football fan or just love a good underdog story, welcome To Wrexham is a fantastic series, joining Ryan, Rob and the town of Wrexham as they aim to create football magic in Wales.

ようこそ、先がまるで見えない賭けのようなフットボールのオーナーの世界へ。ハリウッド俳優のライアン・レイノルズと、ロブ・マケルヘニーが、ウェールズのサッカークラブを買収し、運営を学んでいく姿を追ったドキュメンタリー番組。Welcome to Wrexam. サブスクで自身を夢中にさせてくれる番組を探している方におすすめのドキュメンタリーです。熱狂的なサッカーファンであってもなくても勝ち目がなさそうなとこから始まる物語が好きな人にぜひ見てほしい作品です。Welcome to Wrexamは、ライアンとロブ、そしてレクサムの人々がウェールズにフットボールのマジックをかけていく姿を描いた素晴らしいシリーズです。

というわけで本日は2022年12月からディズニープラスのスターで独占配信をしているWelcome to Wrexam。邦題は「ようこそ、 レクサムヘ」というタイトルです。デッドプール、フリーガのライアンレイノルズ。これ僕知らなかったんだけどね、「フィラデルフィアは今日も晴れ」などのTVシリーズを中心に活躍するロブ マケル、マケルヘニー、難しいよね笑

Tommy - 01:34
Yeah, it's a very difficult name.

2人のハリウッド俳優が、世界で3番目に古いプロサッカークラブ、レクサムFCを買収し、サッカークラブの運営を学んでいく姿を追ったドキュメンタリーシリーズ、それについて今日喋ってみようと思います。 When did you watch this , Tommy?

Tommy - 01:52
I watched this over Christmas and New Year, I think, like, two months ago. It's 18 episodes. I watched them all in maybe four days. Just binge-watched it as we say.

そうだよね。ハマるってやつだよね、ずっとはまってた。先週ずっと見てました。なので面白かったので、ぜひとも番組でご紹介したいなと。見どころは、このハリウッドハリウッドスターの2人がどのようにサッカーチームを作り上げていくかっていうのが、もちろんメインテーマです。 けど、他にもねいろいろ面白いとこあって、おすすめする理由は、UKのサッカーの日常がたくさん映像に出てくるってのは一つ魅力、フットボールのピッチの中と外、それぞれの文化カルチャーが映し出されているのが、それだけでも見る価値はあるので、ぜひとも皆さんに見てほしいなという思う作品です。 番組でもAll or Nothing、シリーズを紹介してきて選手たちのバックグラウンドっていうか、バックステージ舞台裏を見せてくれるんだけど、今回はクラブに関わるステークホルダー、オーナー、監督、選手スタッフ、ファン、あとはコミュニティなんてもうバックグラウンド見れるので、そのあたりもぜひとも注目してほしいなと。 本日、スポイラーズでございます。ネタバレもたくさんありますので、まだ見てないって人は、一旦ここでね、ストップして、Disney+に1ヶ月加入。990円ですので1ヶ月多分ね、見れると思いますので、おすすめです。それでは、ボキャブラリーてみましょう。

Tommy - 03:26
The first word is 'takeover': an act of taking control of something. For example, "Manchester United are subject to a takeover bid by two potential groups."


Tommy - 03:45
Takeover, it should be worth noting in this context that's what it means. But take over, there's a few other meanings as well. You can take someone over in your car, for example. But in this context, it means to buy something. So a company buying another company.


Tommy - 04:02
Acquisition. Yeah, there's a few words like that.

The second word is authentic. Authentic means being what it is claimed to be. To be genuine. "Fans appreciate authentic soccer players who display a genuine passion for the game and are not just motivated by money or fame."


Tommy - 04:29
Authentic. Genuine. Yeah. And the third word is heartwarming: causing feelings of pleasure and happiness. "Watching him come back from injury to score a goal was a heartwarming moment."


Tommy - 04:49
Oh, really? Oh, man. Well, there you go. Good review, then. That's quite funny. I probably said on that episode too, that heartwarming, it means just that right? Warming your heart. Your heart feels warm.


Tommy - 04:50
So let's start with who are these two people? Who is Ryan Reynolds? Who is Rob McElhenney? And, yes, it is a very difficult name to say. McElhenney. Ryan Reynolds, maybe people know him. Did you know Ryan Reynolds?


Tommy - 05:31
Oh, really?


Tommy - 05:39
Yeah, I think that's pretty much everyone in the world, probably.

Ryan Reynolds is Canadian. He made his name in a programme called Two Guys and a Girl, which was a TV show back in the 1990s. I know him best for some comedies that he did in the 2000s with another very famous actor, Jason Bateman. He seemed to do a bunch of those kinds of silly, stupid, bakarashi comedies before he suddenly became Deadpool and then this huge Hollywood star. It was just a very strange transition from very silly comedies to a Marvel superhero. So, yeah, it was really interesting seeing his transition. And now he is a genuine Hollywood superstar.


Tommy - 06:35
He's also very, I guess you could say sexy. He's been voted the sexiest man in the world, I believe, a few times. So he's very popular with women.


Tommy - 06:52
Yeah. And he's also, I guess with his money - he's got a lot of money, so he's an investor in a gin company, an alcohol product called Aviation American Gin.

Rob McElhenney, yes. I'm sure not many people, if anyone listening to this podcast, knows who he is. He's an American actor. He's best known for, as you said before, what was it? Philadelphia 今日も晴れ? フィラデルフィアは今日も晴れ。

Tommy - 07:18
Yeah, in English that's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is a very funny show. I haven't watched much of it, but it's quite popular. I know him best for Mythic Quest, which was another TV show on Apple TV. If you've watched Ted Lasso and you subscribe to Apple TV, maybe you've watched Mythic Quest too. It's quite funny.


Tommy - 07:49
It's very good about a game company. Yeah, I would recommend watching that one, too. Rob is not quite as big a star as Ryan, and in the beginning, what I really liked was Rob talking about how he decided he wanted to buy a football team, and he came to the realisation that his money, even though he's a very, very rich man, his money is not going to be enough. And as he said, he needs superhero money. Which is where Ryan came in.


Tommy - 08:44
Yeah. It was interesting seeing the two owners, the differences in their character, in their personalities. Rob seems a lot more passionate, or maybe emotional is a better word. He kind of rides the waves of the team and everything that's happening, a lot more than Ryan. Ryan kind of has a little bit of distance from the club and maybe makes more sensible decisions because of that.


Tommy - 09:12
Exactly. Yeah. But I think Rob's passion and his emotion is so important, too, because it does make it authentic.


Tommy - 09:31
So let's talk a little bit about the series. As you said before, it's available on Disney plus about ¥1000 per month.

全18は各回はね30分ほどだったので、毎日2話ずつぐらい見たら、1週間で終わるんで。 ぜひともね、見てほしいですね。

Tommy - 09:50
Ryan and Rob, as we've said, they take over Wrexham AFC, which is a small, a very small football club in Wales. In the north of Wales. Up near Liverpool, basically.


Tommy - 10:26
Yeah, exactly. Especially after COVID, where in England they played a full season without any fans. So the club was really struggling and it was previously owned by a supporter's trust, which is basically a group of fans who kind of run the club. They don't need a whole lot of money. I'm not sure how it works, to be honest, with the money, but essentially it was run by the fans.

昨日ね、サポーターズトラストって多分日本の人あんまり知らないから調べてみたんだけどファンが協力して集めたお金でクラブの株式の一部を取得して経営に自ら参入しようっていうのが始まり。始めたのはノーザンプトン タウンというところが初めて。結構広がって2017年までに200ぐらいの法人格を持つサポーターズトラストが誕生していて、40クラブは株式の一部をファンが持ってるっていうところがあるそうです。

Tommy - 11:20
Probably a little bit like Germany, maybe, where Germany is half fans.


Tommy - 11:28
One of the other stars of the series is a guy called Humphrey Ker, who's from England. He was a writer on that Mythic Quest series and he's a big part of not just the show, but also why they bought the club. He was a big influence on Rob.


Tommy - 11:47
Yeah, yeah, apparently in the writer's room on Mythic Quest, he was always watching football or always talking about football, and Rob McElhenny was kind of like, "why are you...what makes you so crazy about this sport?" Why is it so big? And from there, it's amazing how that connection just led to him now buying a football club.


Tommy - 12:19
And apparently also another documentary we've mentioned before, Sunderland til I Die, which was a fabulous documentary. A lot more depressing, a lot sadder than this one. Apparently, Rob watched that and that also helped kind of tempt him into buying the football club.

アメリカ人がサッカーって、何でこんなに流行ってんだろう?ってなってそれで興味を持ち始めて、あのドキュメンタリー、サンダーランドを見て、面白いなってなって。ここのときはまだ、ライアンレイノルズは出てこないわけでしょ? ただのネットの友達で、そこから始まるんだよね?

Tommy - 12:50
That's right, yeah. They'd never met in person, which was very interesting. They didn't meet until after COVID kind of finished and they were allowed to travel.


Tommy - 13:09
Exactly. And at the beginning of the series, I think the first two episodes are maybe a little bit about the club and the purchase process because they didn't just turn up with money and say, "hey, we're buying the club. Thanks, see ya later." It needed to be approved by the Trust. So a few people were kind of nervous about having these two Hollywood stars come in, which is understandable, because who are they? Do they really care about this team? Do they really care about Wales? But the club was in a really bad position, so they kind of had to take the offer and in the end, it was voted by 98.6% in favour of the takeover of £2 million it cost them.


Tommy - 14:32
Yeah, exactly. I think one of the things that would scare me about any takeover of a team that I loved is, "how long-term is this?" Are these just rich people who have...they just want a little toy and maybe in two years, five years, maybe they get bored and then they stop paying the bills. They don't really care about the team anymore. Just, you know, how long term is this, I think, would be the biggest question I have for any owner. Not just for these two.


Tommy - 15:13
Yeah, the previous owner was exactly what I just said. A rich person who got bored and wanted some money back. The series ends with the team in the playoffs looking for promotion. You've given a warning. So, look, we can maybe say - I didn't know, actually, how the season went when I watched this series, so it was actually really exciting following without knowing. And at the last episode, I was really kind of I was hoping they would win.

不思議だったね。もう応援してる自分がいましたね。カモーン レクサム!って。

Tommy - 15:45
Exactly. Unfortunately, they didn't win it, though. They lost in the semi-finals, which kind of, it was actually interesting because it wasn't the Hollywood ending that you would expect. But the season really showcased the passion and dedication of football fans, I think, was one of the big things. They really focused on Wrexham fans a lot. In fact, I would say the Wrexham fans played a bigger part than any of the players.


Tommy - 16:25
It was interesting. Yeah. The pub owner, he was a very interesting guy. You liked him?

TURF? (パブのお店の名前)

Tommy - 16:37
He was obviously very passionate, but he kept kind of saying bad things about other fans. So I wondered, maybe he's not very popular in the town.


Tommy - 16:49
Yeah. He owns the only pub, so you've got no choice but to go there. But actually, he's kind of annoying, is the feeling that I got from him.


Tommy - 17:01
Yeah. But there's also some good stories about some of the players, too, because you see, at that level of football, these aren't millionaire footballers. These are real human beings struggling to pay bills, not earning a whole lot of money and moving around a lot. Like you move from one team to another. You don't have a big team to support you, you don't have a lot of money. That's a tough life, I think, as a non-league footballer.


Tommy - 17:37
Yeah. Cole Palmer? Ah, Oli Palmer!

オリーパーマー?でしょ? その2人がスターで、彼らの給料が多分3000万4000万ぐらい払ってるってのが、スタープレイヤーだったんで。プレミアと比べるとね、ひと桁、2桁ぐらい違うんじゃないかなっていうふうに思います。その金額でスターだから、普段は1000万円以下で頑張ってますっていう感じでしたね。

Tommy - 17:40
Yeah, that's right. Reynolds and McElhenney have apparently become honourary citizens of Wrexham, too. So I'm not sure what that means, but basically, Wales loves them. Or Wrexham loves them at least. They've become really very popular people now. In the series you see whenever they turn up, the crowds just go crazy.


Tommy - 18:28
I loved how they did it with the translations as well.


Tommy - 18:35
English or British English. American English and then Welsh. Yeah. So there's a good opportunity to learn some new vocabulary as well.

Tommy - 18:45
The other major thing that happened after the takeover was the interest in the club from investors and celebrities. I think the sponsors is the most obvious one. Before the takeover, Wrexham was sponsored by Ifor Williams Trailers. Who? They actually do a pretty funny bit about that. Ifor Williams Trailers. It's just a local company, basically. Since then, they've been sponsored by TikTok and also have Expedia, Vistaprint and Ryan Reynolds's Gin company that I mentioned earlier sponsoring them. So they've gone global.


Tommy - 19:26
That's what you get with a little bit of exposure. So being on Netflix. Sorry, not Netflix, on Disney plus. I mean sponsors love that, don't they? So it's yeah. Amazing. That's the power of Hollywood celebrities. Currently, they sit second in the National League, so they have a good chance of being promoted this year, which would be nice to see.

Tommy - 19:47
Because then once they get into League Two, then the challenge is on. Can they keep rising up the leagues? Can they get to League One, to the championship? In ten years could Wrexham be in the Premier League?

この辺りはね、面白いですね。 昨日順位表チェックしたら2試合少なくて、1位とは勝ち点3の差。首位狙えるしプレーオフなしでね、昇格してほしいですよね。

Tommy - 20:12
Yeah, yeah, it'd be fun to watch. And I believe there's going to be another series on Disney Plus. I assume they probably going to do this every season.


Tommy - 20:24
Except some of the players don't like it. There was a...I think they filmed a commercial and there was...a coach was complaining, right. Do you remember that scene?

うん。フィジオじゃゃない?He was not happy.

Tommy - 20:34
Physio. Yeah. No, "this is supposed to be a football club, not a TV show!" Or something like that.

Tommy - 20:42
So I've got a couple of questions for you. Which was your favourite episode?


Tommy - 20:55
Yeah, the young kid.

そうそう。 あとバンドマン、あの曲作ってた3人で。おじさんが病気になっちゃって。この歌を歌って残すんだって。あれもちょっとハートウォーミングだったし、おばあちゃん2人がいつも出てきてさ、2人で喋るあの会話のやつも面白かったな。フーリガンの彼女。覚えてる?警察官になるって言って、その彼氏がフーリガンだからスタジアムに行けないみたいな。

Tommy - 21:23
I feel very sorry for her.

ポールマリンでしょ?かっこよかった。キャラクターめっちゃ立ってるし、良かったですね。あと僕が好きだったのは、ジョーダンデービス。Left footed.

Tommy - 21:34
Yes. Yes, I agree. And that was one of the stories that I was kind of speaking about before. They talked about his wife having a miscarriage, I believe it was where they lost their son. That episode was really nice, I thought, just again, focusing on the human beings behind these footballers.

サッカー少年でしょ? あと離婚した父親のファン。これだけ書いても、たくさんのストーリーがそう出てきて、すごいなと思ったし。

Tommy - 21:58
Every episode!


Tommy - 22:11
Does the series make you want to visit Wrexham or go and see one of their matches?

リバプールから近いんだよね? テッドラッソは架空のチームだから見れないけれど、レクサムは、行ったら見れるってのは非常に魅力的。アメリカで今度ツアーが計画されていて、ユナイテッドがアメリカでレクサムと対戦するみたいなニュース出てたね。

Tommy - 22:39
As I said before, I watched it without knowing how the season would go, and that made it very exciting. And again, I just loved how authentic Ryan and Rob seem. As the season progressed you could feel how much they cared about the team and also how much they cared about Wales. I really felt that.


Tommy - 23:03
I went to Swansea for a Tottenham match once. That's it.

僕、行ったことないんだよね。違う? What’s the difference?

Tommy - 23:11
Well, I was only at the pub and the football stadium, so it's hard to say. But I think the biggest difference is probably that Wales is just a very small part of the UK.


Tommy - 23:24
Yeah, it can't be very big. So I think that culture is probably is like a small country town for the whole country. But I think the people in Wales are all very, very nice people. It's just a really a warm country, I would say. And, of course, famous for sheep. That's the one thing that everyone says about Wales, too. They've got more sheep than people.


Tommy - 23:55
So that's a bit of a run-through of the series. Basically, we just wanted to share this series with everyone because it's something that we definitely recommend you watch. It's a really enjoyable series. It's really heartwarming and it's also really informative you get a great behind-the-scenes look at a lower league football team and, as you said, some local UK, Wales culture.


Tommy - 24:49
It's very true. And the interesting thing about both Ted Lasso and Welcome To Wrexham, they're made for Americans to watch. They're not made for English or other foreigners who love football. They're made for Americans who don't know much about football, but they're still very enjoyable for football fans. Because I think we get to see, "oh, yeah, that's us. That's what I do." Yeah. So I think they've done it very well.


Tommy - 25:34
So, yes, definitely go and watch it. Go and subscribe to Disney Plus for a month and get through it.

Tommy - 25:40
This week we received a question from Takaさん.

"Tommy mentioned on the streaming episode that he watches Spurs, Cerezo, Sydney FC and Toronto FC. How do you have so much passion for so many teams?"

How many clubs? Four clubs?

Tommy - 25:54
There's four. Four clubs. So it's a great question. Yes, a very good question. The truth is, I don't have that much passion for all of them. There's no way. It's not possible.


Tommy - 26:07
Exactly. Exactly. Very different. Like, Tottenham is number one by a long, long way. Nothing will ever come close to Tottenham. Cerezo comes next because I live in Osaka, so I can get to games. And the J.League is also just a very exciting league to watch. So that's why they're number two. Sydney FC. I'm from Sydney. It's my local team, so I have to be a fan of them, basically. And to be honest, Toronto FC, I don't care much about them anymore. When I lived in Toronto, I had a season ticket. I don't watch their games much anymore. I only mentioned them on that episode because Apple TV has the MLS rights. I just kind of wanted to introduce it that way. So yes, I'm not that crazy. I don't have that much time to watch all of that football. And really, if you ask me, which team do you care about? It would be Tottenham.


Tommy - 27:14
Okay, so 9:30 currently, Saturday night, 100% I'll watch a match. Premier League, Championship, whatever's on. Midnight games, often I'll watch, especially if Tottenham are playing. Then I'll watch the J.League on Saturday and Sunday. And if I have time, I'll put YouTube on for the A-League. So like maybe four or five matches every weekend I watch.


Tommy - 27:43
Yeah, and then midweek is tough in Japan because they're like, 04:00am, 05:00am.


Tommy - 27:52
Every day!


Tommy - 27:54
Yeah, that's right. Friday there's usually not much football on, so yeah. Thank you very much, Takaさん, for that question. It was a very good, very good question.


Tommy - 28:06
And I also got a message on Twitter from an Arsenal fan. It's from an Arsenal fan who's called Mr. G. And the G, I believe, means "Gooner".

"Hello, Tomo and Tommy, I'm really looking forward to Arsenal's first Champions League match in 2023. Do you remember the last Champions League match for Arsenal? That was versus Bayern Munich, which ended in a 5-1 loss or a 10-2 loss on aggregate in the Round of 16 in 2017. Since then, the Gooners have been spending a difficult time for almost six years, but Arteta finally brings them back the right way. I can't wait to listen to the Champions League anthem with Arsenal players lining up ahead of kickoff and hope to enjoy the atmosphere at the Emirates. Thank you for your interesting and motivational stories. I'd really like the matchday programme."

Tommy - 28:55
So he's aiming for that programme!


Tommy - 29:12
This is probably a good chance to apologise, maybe, to Arsenal. At the beginning of the season, if you remember, on our preview episode - do you remember what I said?


Tommy - 29:30
Yeah, that was one thing. I also said Arteta might be sacked by November.


I obviously got that very wrong, and I believe it's important when you get something wrong, you should admit it and apologise. So that was a bad prediction. Very, very, very wrong.


Tommy - 29:51
No one said that!

Alrighty, well, that ends today's episode. Thank you very much for listening. Yeah, definitely go and get Disney Plus. Watch Welcome to Wrexham. We guarantee you will enjoy it, and send in any comments, feedback, questions, anything that you would like to ask us. We'd love to hear from you. Thank you very much, as always. See you again next time.

皆様からのお便りお待ちしております。「サッカーと英語 ポッドキャスト」と調べていただけると、僕たちのページが上の方に出てくると思います。 各回の放送の下の方にですね、コメントができる箇所がありますので、そちらからお便りお待ちしております。それではまた来週です。Bye for now.

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