Season 2 Episode 18

Ball Kids

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Episode Notes

For many young football fans, it might just be the best job in the world. A pitch side seat to watch your heroes up close, and all you have to do is fetch the ball every now and then.

Sometimes, however, this seemingly insignificant job can have a bigger impact on the match than you realise. Some managers have realised this, going as far as giving instructions to a ball kid on how slowly or quickly they should do their job. Does it make a difference? Well, it definitely can, as you'll find out in today's episode.

Today we're talking about ball kids - how do you become one? What do they need to know? And we'll even cover some of famous incidents, where the kids themselves became a major talking point in a match.

Phil Foden

Jose Mourinho invites Champions League Ball Boy to team meal!

Eden Hazard Kicks Ball Boy

Tommy's Favourite

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