Season 3 Episode 14

Qatar 2022: The Problems

The World Cup is nearly here but the controversies remain. Can we actually look forward to and enjoy it?
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Episode Notes

The 2022 World Cup is just over a week away and in the 12 years since Qatar was selected as host, the controversies have only gotten bigger and louder. From messing up just about every major league’s schedule, LGBT rights and migrant worker deaths, there is much more than football happening this month.


  1. Controversy [noun] / controversial [adjective]
    a disagreement, often a public one, that involves different ideas or opinions about something
  2. Bribe
    to try to make someone do something for you by giving them money, presents, or something else that they want
  3. Criminalise / Decriminalise
    to make something illegal / to stop something from being illegal

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