Season 1 Episode 33


Football and fashion collaborations seem to be booming lately, but why? We explore the trends and sound very old in doing so.
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Episode Notes

The lights at the Allianz Stadium cut out, and the music swelled. The center circle started to pulse and ripple. And then the grass itself appeared to get pulled away, as if it were nothing more than a tablecloth. Three words ran around the electronic advertising boards: “History. Passion. Lols.”

The extravagant buildup did not seem to match the occasion. Juventus was at home to Genoa, a standard Serie A game. What mattered, though, was not what Juventus was playing for, but what the team was playing in.

Juventus played in a special edition jersey, designed in collaboration with its apparel partner, Adidas, and Palace, a British skate and streetwear brand. The jersey was greeted as a masterpiece, but Juventus would never wear it again. It did not matter. Later that week, the Palace jersey was made available. It sold out in 12 hours.


  1. Streetwear - fashionable casual clothes
    This is very much dependent on generations. In the 80s, streetwear might have been denim jackets and things. Now it’s...I don’t even know what streetwear would be! I'm too old. Maybe if I wanted to see streetwear, I’d go to アメ村.
  2. LOLs - comes from lol - used in chat, like (笑). But LOLs with an s is almost like an ironic laugh. You might use it when something’s not funny...or when something that isn’t supposed to be funny is funny.
  3. Extravagant - spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: OR going beyond what is deserved or justifiable.

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