Season 2 Episode 29


Handball is a common-sense thing, right? Well...maybe not so, as we discuss in this episode.
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Episode Notes

Handball is a common-sense thing.

  • If a player gets hit on the hand from a close distance: no handball. Fair.
  • If a player moves their arm towards the ball to block it: handball. Sensible.
  • If a player uses their arm or hand to score: handball. Pretty straightforward.
  • If a player uses their shoulder: no handball.

Right? Well, historically, the handball laws have been unclear, so today we want to discuss the issue and if there’s anyway to make it better.


  1. Deliberate - doing something internationally; on purpose
    ”It was a deliberate handball.”
  2. Dubious - feeling doubt or not feeling certain:
    ”That was a dubious decision by the referee.”
  3. Interpretation - an explanation or opinion of what something means
    ”The handball is open to interpretation by referees”

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