Season 4 Episode 7

Backup Goalkeepers

Mikel Arteta has hinted at goalkeeper substitutions becoming 'normal' in football. Tomo and Tommy break this down and talk about the life of backup goalkeepers.
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Episode Notes

Mikel Arteta defended his decision to replace Aaron Ramsdale with David Raya for Arsenal’s 1-0 win at Everton by predicting goalkeeping changes will become the norm, and said he “didn’t have the courage” to substitute his keeper in the past.

The Arsenal manager insisted both Ramsdale and Raya will be utilised this season, and he regrets not changing keeper on two unnamed occasions during the team’s title challenge last season.

“I haven’t had a single question on why Gabriel Jesus didn’t start. He has won more trophies than anybody else, including me, in that dressing room” he said.


  1. Courage: the ability to control your fear in a dangerous or difficult situation
    ”The goalkeeper showed great courage in claiming that ball at the striker's feet”

  2. Resilience: the ability to be happy or successful even after something difficult or bad has happened
    ”The backup goalkeeper displayed great resilience by staying committed to training and maintaining a positive attitude.”

  3. Patience: the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed
    The backup goalkeeper showed great patience before finally getting her chance when the starting goalkeeper got injured.”

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