Season 4 Episode 11


Few names shine as brightly as David Beckham's in the world of football.
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In the world of football, few names shine as brightly as David Beckham's. His illustrious career as a midfielder with a wand of a right foot made him a footballer superstar. His glamorous off-field persona made him a worldwide superstar. A recent Netflix documentary has offered fresh insights into Beckham, the person, delving into his successes, struggles, relationships, and, of course, his iconic haircuts.


  1. Transcend: to go beyond or rise above a limit
    ”David Beckham transcends football.”
  2. Glamorous: attractive in an exciting and special way
    ”David and Victoria Beckham live a glamorous life away from football.”
  3. Redeem (redemption): to make something or someone seem less bad
    ”David Beckham’s career features various stories of redemption.”

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